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Vision & Values

Vision & Values

To fulfill the fast development of marine docking & mooring industry, we must keep moving, just like ships keep moving through our clients' port areas.

Our vision is to become the global market leader in marine docking & mooring industry and the first reference for ports and construction companies for high quality fendering and mooring systems. Our focus on superior quality, customer orientation, and professional employees and partnership is the key success factor to accomplish our goal. We aim to expand our global presence of marine fender and mooring products to be your local partner wherever you are. Our products shall be more reliable, durable and being produced with international standard and environmental requirement.

Our Values

Altruism – We are not only persistent when it comes to efficiently processing your orders. We are also persistent when it comes to the stringent QC processes within our production facilities to ensure customer satisfaction – every day with every order.


Protection – Safety is chief mission of our products. We deliver safety critical products to protect people, ships, and port infrastructure. No doubt that quality, testing, and safety are of the highest importance in our company.


Partnership – We are your partner throughout the entire project- from the first contact with us to signing off on the installed fendering & mooring systems, we are on your side along the whole process. Extensive technical consulting at an early project stage and a dedicated personal contact in the company are only some of the benefits you can expect from Jerryborg Marine after first.