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Pneumatic Cylindrical marine rubber fender with SGS ISO17357 made in china

Group CTN Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-01-09
Item specifics
namePneumatic Cylindrical marine rubber fender with SG
colorblack red grey
place of Originqingdao
packingNude Packing
markno mark
   Pneumatic Cylindrical marine rubber fender with SGS  ISO17357 made in china
          pneumatic fender
            pneumatic fender
 Features of our pneumatic rubber fender

* Fully compliant with ISO 17357 standard ,manuifacture with mould ,difference with traditional hand-make products .
* Diameters ranging from 300 mm to 4500 mm and length ranging from 500 mm to 9000mm
* Standard colors grey and black
* Contructed with an inner rubber layer,reinforcing cord layers and outer rubber layer
* Comprehensively tested for material and hydrostatic pressure irregularities .
* Correctly evaluated for angular and durability performance
* Clearly marked with all relevant identification
* Complete with up- to -date certification
* Available in a variety of sizes
* Thick outer skin supercedes that of a ormal surface fender
* Fitted safety valve for fenders of 2.5 m diameters upwards .

Test and inspection for commercial fenders

Acceptance testing and inspection for purchased fenders shall be based on the tests and inspections indicated in this clause.

1.  Material test of rubber

The material test of the outer rubber and the inner rubber shall be conducted in accordance with the specifications and the results shall satisfy the requirements.

2. Dimensional inspection

The dimensions of all the fenders shall be inspected at the initial internal pressure and the results shall be within the following tolerances:
a) length: +10 %, −5 % ;
b) diameter: +10 %, −5 %.

The diameter shall be obtained from the average of at least two different measurements taken at the middle of the cylindrical section of the fender.

The diameters of bead ring or other steel material around the flange opening shall be inspected, and the results shall be less than 0,20 D (D: fender diameter).

3. Air-leakage test

The air-leakage test shall be conducted on all fenders at initial pressure for more than 30 min, and the test results shall confirm that there is no air leakage.

4. Hydrostatic-pressure test

The hydrostatic-pressure test shall be performed for 10 min at the hydrostatic pressure shown as “Test pressure at 0 % deflection” and there shall be no leakage of water and no defects during the test. The frequency of the test shall be one per 20 fenders of each size and pressure. If the customer so requests, one per order of each size and pressure if the quantity is less than 20. Circumferential and longitudinal lengths shall be measured at 10 kPa pressure and at the test pressure
Nominal reference

1. Ship to ship transfers at seas.

2. Double banking operation as well as vessel to berth at dock/jetty.

3. Oil & gas tankers

4. Fast ferries & aluminum vessels

5. Temporary and permanent installations

6. Rapid response and emergencies

7. Liquid cargo and naval defense vessels